Kings of Suburbia is an EDM - Techno - Super - Beautiful album and iam truly happy TH is back + with new sounds, new ideas, new genres, new things, new look, new everything…..

the truth the Tokio Hotel that we saw in the last tour they died many years ago, that’s a new era, i always wished to keep seeing them as i saw them 8 years ago, but they grew up, many things changed!

Sad but True!!!


LWLYB is a lovely song, sounds so sweet and awesome

The truth i dont liked the video, is so rude and out of control, and the guys smoke and got many tattoos and piercings,

but i feel proud, happy for them, always, i will never forget the old eras with Tokio Hotel, many things changed now! anyway we are germans!



Kings Of Suburbia Full Album [Preview]-Tokio Hotel @tokiohotel 

1. Feel It All 
2. Stormy Weather 
3. Run, Run, Run 
4. Love who loves you back
5. Covered In Gold 
6. Girl Got A Gun
7. Kings Of Suburbia 
8. We Found Us 
9. Invaded 
10. Never Let You Down 
11. Louder than love 
12. Masquerade 
13. Dancing in the dark 
14. The Heart Get No Sleep 
15. Great day :

Here are 30 seconds of every song by Kings Of Suburbia ♥ *-*
Already I wanna Hear the full version of every song!!! 
I’m already In love of all the Album :’3